Our Story

Recess empowers all movement that makes you feel good. And while we didn’t mean to, we were birthed during the height of the pandemic. Our production lines were halted. But this gave us a chance to focus on why we built our brand.

We launched a space for sharing and finding activities to help us take a breather from life.

We danced. We made bread. We learned to play guitar.

We weren’t wearing Recess. But we learned what Recess means to people.

Our pieces aim to provide flexibility for the most diverse activities, and our community helps us stay informed on what our lifestyles demand of the stuff we wear. Our pieces are made with a wide range of sizes and fabrics to provide all kinds of support, for all kinds of Recess.

Finally, here we are. Recess in full form. In a few years, we’ll look back on this page and we’ll be reminded of how it all began: a world on hold, reminding all of us that there is always time to pause.