Tell me more about how your products are designed and developed.

We’d love to. Thanks for asking!

All of our clothes are designed and developed by our team. Everything is painstakingly (though not painfully) tried and tested by individuals of all shapes and sizes, practicing all forms of Recess.

We take our R&D seriously. We work hard to create pieces that are timeless, fun, and feel good. We design things that can fit easily into everyone’s existing wardrobes and work seamlessly with people’s varying lifestyles and preferred ways to Recess — whether high intensity, extra loungy, or extra munchy. We don’t judge. We just want you to feel good when you take the time to do something that feels good.


I’m confused. Do your bras, crops and leggings come in different fabrications? What’s the difference between each fabric and how do I choose between them?

Glad you asked. Our bras, crops and leggings come in three fabrications.

Do Everything™ is a super, super soft, breathable fabric that seamlessly transitions from lounge to activewear. It’s the kind of thing you’ll wanna keep on all day. It’s moisture-wicking, has four-way stretch and offers gentle compression. Best for low impact stuff (like yoga and pilates) and all-day activities (naps included).

Personal Best
is a lightweight fabric with a smooth, second-skin feel. Also moisture-wicking and with four-way stretch, this fabric does all the lifting for you and offers a sculpting fit with its high-compression pull. Best for heavy sweat activities (like running and circuit drills) and warm weather things.

Lady Legend
 is a super smooth fabric with a medium fabric feel that hugs your body in all the right places. Sculp, tuck, and show your best form in these medium-compression fabrics. It’s moisture-wicking and with four-way stretch. Best for: 50% sweat 50% selfie, workouts (just kidding, they’re great for everything).

The pieces designed in each of these fabrications reflect what they’re best suited for. But we encourage you to go with whatever feels right for you. Don’t let us stop you.


How often do you guys restock? Are all your colorways seasonal?

We’re still feeling our way through this.

But classic go-to colors like Ink are more likely to be restocked. Everything else is seasonal and produced in limited quantities. If you tell us how much you love a seasonal color, we might consider bringing it back permanently. We’d love to hear from you. We just want to be careful and considerate about how much we produce and what we put out into the world. Our collections are produced in smaller quantities to avoid waste through overproduction.

If you see an item you want marked Out of Stock, join the waitlist so we can let you know if it’s back in stock.

You can also email us at to chat about things further.


What are some of your sustainability practices?

Thanks for asking. We make the effort to be low impact wherever possible. We work with government compliant facilities that pay fair, living wages and provide humane working environments. We source our materials and manufacture in the same country and we try to minimize our carbon footprint by only shipping once. We use biodegradable and compostable packaging through our supply chain. We have forgone the use of cloth tags in all of our pieces. We work to incorporate our excess materials into new designs as seen on our piping on our Tri-color Athlete Bra. We make sure our products meet the highest quality standards so you can keep them for life! These are just some things we put into practice. We recognize sustainability is an ongoing effort and we’re taking the necessary measures every step of the way. 


I have a question about your brand / products that you haven’t covered here, who can I reach out to about it?

We’re always here to help. Reach us at for any questions about an order, our products, our website, shipping, returns, and cancellations. We’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.

You can also keep scrolling through our FAQs—the answer you need might already be here!